Picture of Principal Lewis

Hello Twister Community!

We are two months into the school year and the end of the first quarter is just around the corner on October 14th.  Shortly after that, teachers will be holding parent/teacher conferences.  These will be held on October 27th and 28th.  If you have any concerns about your student’s progress, please don’t wait until then.  At HBT we encourage open communication between our families and our teaching staff so we can best meet the needs of the individual student.

This year our teachers are rolling out a new ELA resource called Into Reading.  This is a comprehensive program that embeds Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Spelling providing the classroom teachers with the necessary research-based resources to help our students learn and grow.  In addition, our staff in grades 2 – 5 are rolling out a class-wide intervention program called Spring Math.  This is replacing the Rocket Math they use to complete and focuses on more than just math facts.   If you are in the car on your way to an after-school activity or seated at the dinner table, talk to your student about what they are learning at school and see what they are saying about these two new resources.

And last but certainly not least, Parent Square is the district communication tool.  This is
used to push out necessary information to our families.  If you have not installed the app or determined your settings, please consider setting that up today!  You can find out more Information about the communication tool by clicking here.  This provides the opportunity to translate to another language, send text messages, respond directly to the sender using a text message style communication, and so much more.


Mrs. Kim Lewis